Over 30 years of focus on innovation in aquaculture systems.

Nearly a hundred national patents, exported to more than 40 countries around the world, and praised by tens of thousands of users

Indoor circulating water fish farming

By controlling the system, we can provide the most suitable water quality environment and temperature requirements for fish and shrimp, thereby achieving stable and high yields. More importantly, the cost of breeding is very low.

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Indoor three-dimensional circulating water aquaculture system

Save 99% of land, 99% of water usage, and increase survival rate by four times. Aquaculture can be carried out normally even in the desert, without the need to be by the seaside.

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Live Seafood Temporary Cultivation System

Provide the best water quality conditions for live fish, lobsters, and crabs in the restaurant, allowing them to live longer and maintain their optimal condition.

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Net cage system

Durable and wind resistant cage system, providing a complete set of equipment, accessories, and services.Can be used for various marine and freshwater fish species

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Leading global supplier of aquaculture systems

China ZHONGKEHAI Recycling Water Aquaculture System Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise founded in May 1994, which is specialized in inventing, designing, producing and selling of factory recycling aquaculture system equipments and engineering. Aiming for provide one package service range from equipment manufacturing to installation and commissioning of one set equipment for aquatic laboratory and